“I never paid attention to school master schedules. That was a mistake.”

Jay Matthews, Washington Post

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San Antonio Schools Tap Master Scheduling Platform to Develop Schedules Tailored to Individual Student Needs

Two San Antonio schools partner with scheduling startup Abl to more effectively manage the daily life of their schools.


San Diego Unified Schools Turn to Technology to Simplify the Master Schedule

Two San Diego schools select Abl master scheduling platform to more effectively manage the daily life of their schools.

Helping Schools Unlock Time to Individualize Learning

An antidote to perils of master scheduling - how software tools are helping schools redesign the learning experience for the 21st century.

OPINION: How 45-minute class periods stall learning

A different kind of timetable can help students thrive

A Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Takes on the Master Schedule

A school's master schedule—as anyone who's worked in a K-12 building knows—dictates much more than just bell times. It's the framework for everything that happens in a school, such as determining...

Personalized learning ... is it all a matter of time?

Sometimes I worry that the call to personalize learning is actually code for asking leaders and teachers to do more than they’ve ever been asked to do—but without additional resources to do it. And...


School Leaders Nationwide Can Now Apply for Access to Abl Master Scheduling Platform

Following design partnerships with school leaders in 6 states, Abl will expand access to master scheduling software for up to 150 secondary schools this fall.

Abl Raises $7.5M Series A to Help Schools Solve Befuddling Scheduling Problems

To borrow from the poet Robert Burns, the best-laid plans of teachers and principals often go awry and unfinished—especially when it comes to a school’s master schedule. Just ask Lee Fleming, a...


Impact Investors Back Technology to Support Principals with Complex Challenge of Master Scheduling

Dynamic approach to school scheduling promises to simplify a critical but complex process for principals and school leaders

Master Scheduling, Without the Headache: Abl Tackles One of K-12 Adminstrators’ Biggest Concerns, Gets $7.5 Million Investment

Very few people who are not K-12 administrators can imagine the time and detail that goes into designing and managing the school day.

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