“I never paid attention to school master schedules. That was a mistake.”

Jay Matthews, Washington Post

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Abl Acquires School by Design to Scale Effort to Make Class Schedules More Equitable

Why do some teachers always have more students in their classrooms? Why are certain science classes lacking in female pupils? And why do some students take many honors classes when others have none?

What Does Your School Schedule Say About Equity? More Than You Think.

In Fall 2017, when Hoover High School in San Diego’s Unified School District began building the next year’s master schedule, school leaders discovered something concerning. Some of the students who...

Abl Raises $7.5M Series A to Help Schools Solve Befuddling Scheduling Problems

To borrow from the poet Robert Burns, the best-laid plans of teachers and principals often go awry and unfinished—especially when it comes to a school’s master schedule. Just ask Lee Fleming, a...

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